The Cost to file Bankruptcy in North Carolina

How Much Does it Cost to File Bankruptcy in North Carolina?

The Costs for Filing Bankruptcy in North Carolina

Depending on the type of Bankruptcy you choose to pursue the following is the cost of filing in the Western District of North Carolina. While there maybe additional fees associated with each this is the average cost to file.

Probably the question I am asked the most is, how much is this going to cost.  The answer is, “it depends.”  It depends on the type of case you need, the complexity of the case, whether you have any business interests, whether you have had prior bankruptcy cases, and a slew of other factors. 

I can only quote my attorney fee after doing a free consultation and determine what a client needs.  

Chapter 7 Cost

Chapter 13 Cost

Chapter 11 Cost *

Chapter 12 Cost

* Note: This chapter may also include quarterly fees during the length of the case.

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